PermaEtch™ is a subsidiary of Anytime Sign, Inc.

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If you want signage that doesn't have to be replaced
every 5-10 years, PermaEtch™ is your best choice.
PermaEtch™ Products are Made Entirely in the U.S.A.
American Made Products ship faster and keep Americans working

PermaEtch™ signs keeps looking great at least
than signs you can get from your local sign shop.

Think of how much time and money you will save if you don't have to replace outdoor signage every 5-10 years...and the cost of signs and labor keeps going up.

A PermaEtch™ sign is a solid investment in the future, a hedge against


This is why we believe PermaEtch™ Signs will last longer than other signs outdoors. We have a Sunlight UV Irradiation Aging Test Chamber that exposes printed plates to the equivalent of 1 year of sunlight for every 3 weeks in the Chamber. The 40 year tests below were photographed after 120 weeks in the Chamber.

Red Metal has virtually no fading Reflex Blue has virtually no fading Warning Orange does show fading
Process Blue & Gray has virtually no fading Forest Green does show fading Danger Red has virtually no fading

DANGER KEEP OFF.png (55886 bytes)

Screen Printed Signs offer the same outdoor life asPermaEtch™.
PermaEtch™ is the best choice if you need less than 12 of the same sign. PermaEtch™ is also best when additional custom custom information is needed on individual signs as discussed below.

Here is a typical PermaEtch™ job that saved an Electric Utility Company BIG MONEY.

They purchased 75 standard screen printed DANGER KEEP OFF and 75 WARNING KEEP OUT substation signs as seen at
These screen printed signs also last outdoors because we make them with the same permanent outdoor pigments and bake them at the same high temperatures as PermaEtch™ signs.

But they also wanted one-of-a-kind LARGE location signs made of .080" white aluminum for their 21 substations that included CUSTOM INFORMATION AS SHOWN IN THE RED CIRCLES in the photo below.

If we had to make a custom screen for each of these LARGE location signs, they would have cost almost $300 for each sign. Because we used the PermaEtch™ process for the custom areas of the 21 signs, we were able screen print the common areas of the 21 signs and then PermaEtch™ the one-of-a-kind areas, making them for less than $100 each.

This combination of screen printed sign process PLUS PermaEtch™ sign process resulted in signs that have the amazing outdoor life expectancy, BUT FOR 1/3rd THE PRICE OF SIGNS MADE ONLY WITH SCREEN PRINTED SIGN PROCESS.

A local sign shop would use digital printing with a 5 year life expectancy or vinyl graphics with a 10 years life expectancy. THIS ELECTRIC UTILITY COMPANY SAVED HAVING TO REPLACE THEIR SIGNS 3 TIMES TO 7 TIMES OVER THE YEARS.
If they paid a local sign shop $75 per sign for inferior signs today, they would spend $1,575 total for the 21 signs. Cheap, you say? As Benjamin Franklin said, they would be "PENNY WISE AND POUND FOOLISH". They would have to replace them 3 times (vinyl graphics) to 7 times (digital printing) over the next 40 years, so instead of paying $1,575, they would pay $6,300 (vinyl graphics) or $12,600 (digital printing) PLUS LABOR COSTS to take down faded signs and replace with new signs.



PermaEtch™ is a subsidiary of Anytime Sign, Inc.

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